Welcome To GSAS ACADEMY Convent School A Great Place To Learn

Committed to educating and nurturing all students so they may grow towards responsible global citizenship.
Together we create a loving community of purposeful learning that focuses on the whole child; body, mind, and spirit.

Divine Learning


Yoga relaxes body internally and externally; and provides calm effect!


How sweet is the perception of a new natural fact!

Human Learning

Human learning may occur as part of education, personal development or any other informal/formal training. Children learn while they play, experiment, and interact.

Material Learning

Teaching materials can support student learning and increase student success. Ideally, the teaching materials will be tailored to the content in which they're being used, to the students in whose class they are being used, and the teacher.

What we offerA Great Place To Learn

Kids Study

A wonderful environment where children can learn and grow.
Planting seeds in the hearts and homes of preschoolers.


Working collaboratively to ensure every student achieves academically, socially, and emotionally.

Online Learning

Designed to simultaneously teach and entertain, our concepts created by teachers that appeals to children in all grade levels.

News & EventsA Partnership In Discovery

Annual Program

Convent School Organised an annual program every year to learn,play and enjoy the schoooling.

Prize Distribution

Distributing the prize to winner's of school.